Andrew Kersten


I am experienced with both C and Java and have some knowledge of Javascript, C#, C++, SQL, GLSL, and Visual Basic. I have created applications for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web. I have used Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine to run Linux servers used for databases, web applications, and games. I have a passion for computer graphics and understanding the hardware my code is running on. I have strong logical thinking and problem solving abilities.


LibDCPU16 is a C library for emulating the 16 bit DCPU-16 processor. An interractive emulator is available at The emulator is powered by LibDCPU16, which has been compiled into a WebAssembly module to run in the browser. A bit about the library:

  • Emulation is cycle accurate. Every instruction is processed one cycle at a time.
  • Every feature and instruction from the specification sheet is fully implemented.
  • Supports the LEM1802 Monitor and Generic Clock hardware devices.
  • An API for attaching custom hardware devices is available.
  • Tested on Windows/Linux/Web. It should compile just about anywhere.
  • Doxygen documentation included in the GitHub repository.

Voxel Editor

Voxel Editor was created to be intuitive for an average gamer to design voxel models in. The editor features a first person camera and intuitive controls. The editor exports models in the .vox format making it compatible with other voxel editors. Additionally the editor can procedurally generate terrain using simplex noise.

Stardew Patcher

Stardew Patcher is a C# application that modifies the MSIL bytecode of Stardew Valley to fix several bugs with the 1.03 release. I decompiled the game and used stack dumps to track down and fix several bugs I encountered.

  • The public release accumulated over 10,000 downloads.
  • The modified executable is created in memory without needing to overwrite any game files.
  • The patch was released shortly after the game launched and several days before an official patch was available.
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