DCPU-16 Emulator

The DCPU-16 is a fictional 16 bit CPU designed by Markus (Notch) Persson for the game 0x10c. This emulator was built based on the version 1.7 specification document which has 12 registers, 36 operations, 65536 words of RAM, and a clock speed of 100KHz. Several peripheral device specifications were released as well, including the LEM1802 monitor and Generic Clock.

This emulator is powered by my own C library, LibDCPU16, which has been compiled into a WebAssembly module to run in the browser. LibDCPU16 implements all 36 operations of the 1.7 specification and is cycle accurate. LibDCPU16 has built in support for the LEM1802 display and Generic Clock, as well as exposing an API for attaching custom devices. This emulator attaches both devices to the DCPU and renders the LEM1802 display to a WebGL canvas. Try out some of the samples from down below!

A WebGL capable browser is required to view the display.

RA: 0x0000 RB: 0x0000 RC: 0x0000 RX: 0x0000 RY: 0x0000 RZ: 0x0000

RI: 0x0000 RJ: 0x0000 PC: 0x0000 SP: 0x0000 EX: 0x0000 IA: 0x0000

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Draws vertical stripes.

Displays an animated sprite.

Prints some text to the display.

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